Musicians & Friends

“A singer is nothing without a good piano player.”
Wild Jane

The Dream Team:



John Simon
Brilliant Pianist, Arranger, & Composer
Every singer’s dream….

Tom Shader
Bass Man Extraordinaire
I like to know where the bottom is.

Kendrick Freeman
Guru of  Percussion
I swear he has eight arms!


The Sono Trio:
Always fun to play with these guys!
Greg, Hester Piano, Rob Wright Bass, Lee Charleton Drums

Sono Trio


Greg Hester
Bee Bop Pianist
He won’t play elevator music.


 TonyheadthumbTony D’Anna RIP
Inspired me to get back on it,
“You are as good as anybody out there.”
Play Spartacus for me one more time, Tones…


Can we add some MORE Bass to that?
digmanGary Digman
Guitar & Bass
Always tasty…

Miss Maple and the Babes:

maple and babes

Maple_ProfantMaple Profant
Piano Accompanist
Beautiful, talented, encouraging…
“You’re hot stuff! You belong out front.”

carol shumate Carol Shumate
 The Bass Babe sets it down.

Ken WardKen Ward
Clarinet, Saxophone
Mutual Admiration Society


Betty-ShawBetty Shaw RIP
Piano Player
The Berkeley Years


Bob Rife
Keyboard & Chart Master
“You were born to it.”
Played every song I know in whatever key I wanted.
C flat? Yeah, I know Seems Like Old Times


Billy DixonWilliam R. Dixon “Billy” RIP
Pianist & Composer
The man who led me to play out my passion for jazz and standards.
Parties at my folks’ house always featured Billy at the piano.


Geoff GlibasGeoff Glibas
Featured on early recordings
Bay Area gigs 1979-1981

Cynthia Merrill


elenasexywebElena Welch
Fellow Diva


image042   Kit Mariah
  Open No Mic Host
  Making dreams come true…


Teachers I would like to thank:

Beth-FreemanBeth Freeman
Vocal Coach, Miracle Worker


lilecruseLile Cruse
Cabrillo Big Band Director
Mentor & Major Influence
“He looks just as good from the front as he does from the back.”


rayBrownRay Brown
Professor of Jazz
Composer, Arranger
Horn Player
“A singer needs two things: tone and style… 
Janie has both.”


Vince GomezVince Gomez
Bass Player, Teacher
Jazz Style Setter
“Don’t go given’ away any of our secrets now…”


closeupTom Leher
Yes, THE Tom Leher
“She’s ready for something!”


Tandy-kyotoTandy Beal
Goddess of Dance
Grace & Elegance Defined
“Don’t worry it takes years to develop stage presence…”